Professional and individual education is one of the basic lines of our activities.

At present, to be a successful company, it is important to be aware of the changing situations in the business world, and meet that development dynamics dictated by the modern reality. Any effective entrepreneur knows that if today he could not carry out internal reforms in companies or organizations, he may be left out of business tomorrow. To prevent this situation, it is important to in due time establish and consolidate new technologies. For this purpose, the personnel must be well trained and motivated. The responsibility here lies equally on the executives, top managers, and ordinary employees. First, it is necessary to think over, calculate and implement a scheme of innovations, and secondly, to quickly and deeply adapt to it. For such a process to exist in the company's development, real-world experiences, live knowledge and unique innovative technologies, which today can be offered by corporate and individual education programs from ELITE PROJECTS 1998 at DENOVA International Educational Centre, are necessary.

What distinguishes corporate and individual educational programs offered by ELITE PROJECTS 1998 from other educational products in the market?

First of all, it is the individual approach. Here, there is no uniform standard. A unique program is compiled based on preliminary analysis of the training needs of each client. This takes into account the business segment occupied by the client, the current state of affairs in his company or organization, the level of education of the staff, their experience and expertise, the management system used within the organization, and the company's development strategy.

Intense forms of training are used in the training process: case method, role and business games, training, etc.

An international certificate from DENOVA International Educational Centre issued by ELITE PROJECTS 1998 serves as the qualification document certifying a successful completion of the training program.