–°osmetics and Nutrition supplements.

1. The line consists of unique luxury cosmetics incorporating the most advanced innovations and biotechnologies. DENOVA specialists are developing next-generation cosmetic products in collaboration with leading laboratories in France, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Israel etc.

2. Unique paracosmetic solutions for rehabilitation of problem skin, aesthetic correction of figure and certain parts of the body, restoration and protection of the human body. The line is designed by our experts based on research on ancient formulas and concepts of ancient healers using effective 100% herbal and natural materials.

3. The world-famous natural line for hygiene, prevention and treatment of oral diseases is special for its efficiency. Various research groups from different universities have confirmed the unique effectiveness of each product of this line. Results of research and clinical trials are recommended for study in higher medical institutions, and for defence of thesis and scientific works.

4. The product is most effective in improving vital functions and the quality of human life. The products are manufactured at the factory with the following quality standards:
- GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices),
- certified by the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel,
- it has kosher certification by Matte Asher Rabbinate,
- meets international standard ISO 9001: 2000, which is confirmed by SII (Israel) and IQNet (EU) certificates.