About Us

In 1999, ELITE PROJECTS 1998 opened the Holistic Institute of Development & Rehabilitation of the Body & Mind where training takes place, and new methods of prevention and rehabilitation of various problems related to human health are developed.

Since 2007, DENOVA Educational Centre has been hosting training, advanced professional training, personal growth enhancement programs, conferences, etc.

The year 2001 saw the beginning of the development of a unique concept for DENOVA cosmetics, which aims to offer the international market with special natural medical products used for treatment of specific human health problems. The main objective is focused on achieving a clear pronounced effect immediately after the first procedures and application of this next generation cosmetics. In 2006, the first products came in limited quantities in the international market. Today, DENOVA products of different lines are delivered in more than 40 countries.

In its technological and consulting solutions, ELITE PROJECTS 1998 focuses on solving the problems of businesses, organizations and individuals. Consumer needs and the principle of "effectively and wisely" underlie all the innovations and developments of ELITE PROJECTS 1998.